Case Studies

BATO Group Real Estate Investment Branding

Ideated and developed company’s name and logo for BATO Group Real Estate Investments GmbH, a Berlin-based real estate investment and management corporation, full-service asset and fund management company.


 Maria Bartiromo| Media Relations  

 Facilitated the interview of CNBC’s anchor and Emmy Award-winning journalist, Maria Bartiromo, during Sky TG24’s special segment Jetlag – Made in USA.  


Haunch of Venison | Afro Burri Fontana Event Management

Provided, on behalf of Data Ars, media relations services and secured invitations to institutions and Italian and American diplomacy for the Haunch of Venison’s opening exhibition in New York City of Afro Burri Fontana.  learn more 

Brigham Young University Museum | Opera del Duomo, PisaStrategic Communications

Mediated and obtained from the Opera del Duomo di Pisa, the loan of "The Griffon” center piece for BYU Museum’s international exhibition: “Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges With the Arts of Islamic Culture. " learn more


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