Gianfrancesco Mottola



Born and raised in Rome, Gianfrancesco Mottola moved to New York in 2005 joining The Dilenschneider Group, a world’s leading company specialized in Corporate Public Relations, Strategic Communications and Consulting. Under the supervision of world’s legendary PR leader, Robert L. Dilenschneider, whose bestselling book  “Power & Influence: The Rules Have Changed” Gianfrancesco was featured in, he developed unmatched skills in Public Relations and Consulting, Marketing and Brand Development, Media Relations, and Event Management. In these years, he actively worked with key strategic corporate clients  developing strategic marketing and branding plans, maintaining relationship with media and press, enhancing clients’ visibility, and monitoring and analyzing media coverage.

Since 2007, Gianfrancesco has been a regular attendee at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, with responsibility of clients’ portfolio taking care of them in positioning and registration, accommodation, logistic, forum panels and speaking opportunities, private one-to-one meetings and sponsorship private events, media relations and media opportunities, on-site support, post-forum strategies.

Moreover, since 2006, Gianfrancesco has counted in his portfolio the organization of dozen fine arts and photo exhibitions, fashion shows,  restaurant openings and wine tastings. In particular, Gianfrancesco, can access an expanding network of artists, performers, and curators, thus offering to his private and corporate clients exclusive and edgy creative contents for their events and productions.

Passion for art and culture is a long-life family tradition as Gianfrancesco was also instrumental for the restoration and promotion of XVI-century-old Palazzo de Liguoro in Naples, belonging to Prince de Liguoro, his maternal grandfather.Palazzo de Liguoro is today a well-known cultural center holding concerts, lectures, art exhibitions, visual-arts shows, and conferences.

Gianfrancesco holds a Bachelor’s degree and Master of Arts in Law from L.U.M.S.A. University in Rome.