We think globally and operate in international cultures, having an ongoing concern for innovation, highest level of quality and best business strategies adapted to different countries. We support brands and corporations to operate across national boundaries to easily adapt to different cultures, languages and legislations.

Our services for internationalization include:

  • Developing a tailor-made business plan, integrated with updated facts and figures adapted to the reference market;

  • Providing legal, administrative and fiscal support in opening the new-co in the reference market;

  • Delivering logistical support in selecting the right location as headquarter/branch, office/showroom abroad;

  • Offering head-hunting supervision in selecting professional figure(s), with work experience in retail, sales and administration, to perform the required task;

  • Selecting direct distributors and suggesting work shops and fairs in the reference market;

  • Drafting a comprehensive communication and marketing plan;

  • Advising and conducting ad-hoc advertising and promotional campaigns;

  • Interacting and maintaining relations with Media (domestic and international).